Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crime in stereo influencers

So here's another band I know next to nothing about, As Friends Rust.  The only thing I really do know about them is that they were a big influence on Crime in Stereo. I had actually never even heard of them til CIS did a cover at one of their last shows.  Since then I've started listening to them and have enjoyed everything I've heard.  Another mission has began to get one of everything they've put out on vinyl.

This is called "The Fists of Time An Anthology of Short Fiction and Non-Fiction by As Friends Rust".  It compiles a song from their split with discount, the fists of time ep and an extra circle jerks cover.  The LP didn't come with a full size insert, it came only with the cd booklet.  I really hate when labels do this,  you have a huge canvas to make an awesome insert but instead they get lazy and just throw in extra cd booklets.  The only lame part of an otherwise awesome record.

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