Monday, February 18, 2013

Hollow Earth

So i developed a new system for adding records to this blog. Now when I get them I take the picture on my phone right from the blogger app, then I save the post for when I actually feel like writing it.  This saves me from having to keep records organized into records that need pictures taken of them for the blog, records that i have pictures of and just need to upload the picture from photobucket to blogger, and new records. Unfortunately this has led me to have a huge backlog of saved posts of just pictures of records.  

Hollow Earth's We are not Humanity came out like mid 2012 i think. I got it in the fall, spun it a bunch and thought it ruled. Totally that 90''s hardcore style that i love. I think the current singer for shai hulud sings for this band and this band is easily better than current shai hulud.  They were really making some people take notice right when the lp dropped, they even played NYC a few times(both i bitched out on), but since then I havent really heard anything from them.  Hopefully they tour again but who knows.  Regardless, this record is awesome. I grabbed this from Generation months after it came out and somehow they had the blood red version which is limited to 75. Sick

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