Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catching Up

So about a week or two ago I realized i had gotten lax with my Incendiary collection. They came out with a split with Xibalba that I had never bothered to preorder, which is very unlike me. I did manage to get a record release copy as a favor, but never got the other variants. By the time I went to order them, the first press was already sold out from Closed Casket Activites and a second press was up. I ordered both, on on pink which has a numbered sleeve out of 100 and the second a blue/black marble. I was also able to find a first press from Deathwish on red/black swirl. The red/black swirl up close:So now i just need black and clear to round out the first press!

Also, recently Justin from Unrestrained posted on B9 that they were selling some of the more limited variants of their split with Incendiary on their LP store. I was lucky to pick up a copy of Creamsickle, which is limited to 15! Now i just need pea soup(5), blood orange (6) and clear yellow(12, different cover) to finish up the first presssing.

Also, recently B9 was having a deal where if you spent 10 bucks you would get a free have heart 7". I wanted the Have Heart record, so i picked up Mother of Mercy Symptoms of Exisistence on black/grey/blue swirl, Its cool since it came out almost exactly like the rest of the press when it wasnt supposed to b9 stamped the dust sleeve to note the difference.

Moving on, I used to hate the band War Hungry. I dont know why but i just hated them. Usually bands i hate the first time around I end up liking a year or two later. War Hungry is no exception. I decided to pick up some stuff by them when Six Feet Under was having a sale, so I got the s/t lp and the return to earth 7" that 1917 put out.

So far this has been my 2nd bad experience with ordering from SFU, and I will not be supporting his mailorder anymore.

Finally, a random ebay purchase. Culture's Deforestation 7" on Catalyst records. Culture is a 90's band that I dont know anything about. Besides the fact that I thoroughly enjoy everything I have heard from them, and will be trying to get a copy of everything they have put out.

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  1. Hmmmm very weird I got Black, Clear, and the red/black swirl. But not that Blue or the Pink. Need those. And I wish I would have saw Justin saying he had some of the rare versions of that split. I have a bunch, but none of the really rare ones. Maybe ebay saved search could fix that.