Saturday, January 19, 2013

Destined for anything!

This fucking record took me so long to get its stupid.  I've seen LLT a couple times, once when all they had out was Destined for Anything and then maybe 2 more times after Runaways came out.  I dunno why but i was never that into them, I had the cd of this record and i had the LP of runaways but i never game them much attention.  Well a few years after they broke up I revisted DFA and i fell in love with it.  Its so hard but yet so emotional at the same time.  The first song has me moshing in my room every time.  After the revistitation i decided i needed the LP.  This proved difficult as no one had it on their HYE lists and it wasnt popping up on ebay.  Finally after maybe a year or so It finally popped up and i forgot to fucking bid! Then a few months later this one popped up. I wasnt missing it so i set a bid and waited.  The seller only posted a picture of the cover with no pic of the lp and no color description.  So it ended pretty low and I won it.  Super happy.  

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