Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First record of 2013!

So i wanted to take a break from catching up from my 2012 pickups to introduce the 1st record i got in 2013.  This is both the first record i purchased in 2013 and the first record to come in the mail. 

This is a Compilation that came out sometime in the mid 2000's.  Its got Holding on, Close call, My luck,  Die hard youth and What feeds the fire on it.  But the main/only reason I'm interested in this record is because Kill Your Idols is on it. Therefore, I must collect it. I've only got like 2 other colors of this besides the test now, and i believe there are four colors total.  Ive never put much effort into completing this one, but maybe I should since now i have a test press. Pressing info on this is unknown. 

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