Monday, January 14, 2013

MLIW mess up

Last month Joe at Lifeline records made a store where he was just selling OOP and limited Lifeline stuff. I got super excited since i had been trying to pick up some modern life is war stuff and i saw a great opportunity.  Im not trying to collect the band by any means, but i just wanted to get my hands on 1st press copies of all their materials.  Its kinda silly that i didnt have that stuff since I got to see MLIW plenty of times while they were around and had the 1st pressings with them.  Anyway i went to buy a copy of My Love My Way on clear, and i guess at somepoint i either misread or clicked the wrong link, because when i got the record, I had my 2nd copy of Witness. Im not that bummed by it, since this is still limited to 150 and the blue witness i already had was limited to 1000.  Still need to get MLMW though!

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