Thursday, August 2, 2012

All About Friends...FOREVER

So I know I recently said that the Great Reversals 7" layout was the coolest of all time. But I think this 7" might beat that one out. This is the All About Friends Volume 2 Compilation, featuring Indecision, Harvest, When Tigers Fight and Between Earth and Sky(doing a Strain cover!). I almost didnt buy it because I generally don't buy comps, but I felt that since it included Indecision, it was a must buy.
The first thing I noticed with this record was that the record wouldnt slip out like a normal record did, and that it felt way thicker than normal. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. Then i realized it had pages in it and so I tried to flip it open but couldnt. Then i realize it was actually held closed together by a plastic strap, almost like a book! How fucking cool is that!. When I finally got it open i saw it was pretty much like a mini-zine compliation. With a essay from the person who put it out and 2 pages dedicated to each band where most put lyrics but Indecision being Indecision wrote a short essay! To be honest, I havent really looked at the other pages yet but I will.

Then I finally flipped to the back of the contraption and found the record itself. Absolutely the coolest way to have the record included to make it almost literally a part of the packaging. A thick clear dust sleeve attached to the back page of the book! So awesome!
And then the record itself is great. Its not a flimsy piece of vinyl, you would think that someone would go all out on the packaging and then use a shitty plant to save costs overall. But not at all in this case, the vinyl is thick and heavy for a 7" and the orange keeps it consistent with the colorways of the packaging.

I'm so stoked on this release that I'm going to link you to where you can pick this up, direct from AAFF's Big cartel, its only $8 and well worth the money.  They have volume 1 up for sale also which features Threadbare and C.R... I still need to get that and will once i record from the stupid amount of money I paid for a certain LI band's demo cassette (to be featured in an upcoming entry!).

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