Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KYI Shirt Week Sun-Wed


This KYI shirt i got off ebay a few months ago. Underneath the name it says "making depression fun again. I thought it fitting to wear because I was pretty depressed on Sunday. It's kind of short so I usually wear it as an undershirt.

This shirt I got off ebay too. It says No Gimmicks Needed under the name. It rules because that lp is one of my favorite records of all time, and I didnt know this shirt existed til I saw it on the bay. Fits pretty swell too.


Another ebay shirt. This baby has Kill Your Idols repeating on top of itself a bunch, then it's cut out on top of that. It says NYHC in red too! Really cool shirt, fits great.


This is my favorite KYI shirt ever. Plain and simple. Cover of No Gimmicks Needed, now that I think about it, might just be the greatest record ever... Another great thing about this shirt, IT'S NAVY BLUE! I love this shirt.

Thats all I've worn this week, right now im doubting I have enough kyi shirts to wear everyday for a week. damn, I'll see.

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