Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mail Day 2/17/09

Came home today to find no mail had yet arrived, this told me that the normal mail guy was off because he usually has the mail delivered before 3pm. I am also convinced my normal mailman is lazy and doesn't bring everything that is there to deliver. And what do you know, I got 2 lps the day he is off...

This is a Blank Stare lp and the Defeater lp. The Blank Stare lp I preordered MONTHS ago and I finally got it today, its cool because the preorder cover is numbered out of 100 and has pictures rubber cemented onto it. It also came with the normal cover. Blank Stare is a straightedge band...XXX. The Defeater lp is called travels, they just recently signed to B9. When they did they only had travels on cd on some other label. So B9 re-released the cd and put it out on LP also. B9 rules. That lp is tan out of 200, sweet.

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