Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, this rules.. This is the Emerica Marc Johnson, one of the best skateshoes ever made. I missed out on it when it originally was out, which was back near when I started skating 8 years ago. Well, Emerica just re-released it under a different name in a limited amount. This time, I'm not missing out on it. I already bought 2 pairs from Utility Board Supply and I'm hoping to find a pair at a skateshop so I can try them on and be 100% sure they fit, so I can order more and be set for life.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mail Day 2/26/09

These are 3 different Indecision shirts i got in the mail today. I bought them from Collin K. from Georgia. Good dude, loves Indecision too. I actually only bought 2 of them, the grey and maroon ones. The blue one he threw in for free (he said to help ease the pain of not seeing the band in Chicago in May). Well I greatly appreciate it! The blue one is a medium, grey a large and maroon an XL. I gotta get that maroon one tailored to my size, it is way huger than the other XL shirt I have. This was a nice surprise to come home to in the mail today, since the academic advisors at my school forget to take their brains with them to work.

I'm listening to every AFI album in a row, hells yea.

Skate and Destroy

So, I think back in October, maybe even September I built a grind box with my dad. I skated it once and decided 14 inches was too high. We lowered it to a foot high and it was perfect. Then we tried to find a 7 ft long piece of angle iron, guess what, they only come in 6 Ft lengths. Luckily, my uncle works in a metal shop. We asked him to bend a piece of iron for me and he comes through, after a while. I finally got the angle iron about 2 weeks ago and today I came home early from school and my dad and I screwed it onto the box. And finally, it was finished.

I skated it today and I already re-learned crooked grinds!!! It needed some wax at first, but now its perfect. Many hours will possibly be spent neglecting friendships with this thing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mail Day 2/19.09

I won this earlier this week/last week on ebay. Its an XL Kill Your Idols European Tour shirt from 2000, the year i started skating! hah. Its a bit smelly, so its gotta get washed before I wear it. And the ink is cracked all over, but I don't care, its KYI!!


So, I just got a new job working for this promotional company called The Syndicate... They basically promote bands, comedians, tv shows, anything really. Basically, all I have to do is go to shows and pass out fliers and talk to people about what I'm promoting. I have to get pictures of me doing it to prove I did it. Also, there's one thing called a Day Of Promotion, where I go to a show before doors, put up posters, stay for the show, and then flier after it. But the best part is, im put on the guestlist with a +1. And I can pick and choose which things I promote. And this company works for Thursday, so JOE we might be able to see them for free! And any other band on the list. This job is going to rule so hard.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After hearing about gabagoul on the sopranos I finally went out and bought some. First, thats not even the real name for it, its called Capicollo. Second, it is fucking great. Third, I blame you comp for not telling me the real name of it, preventing me from trying this for so long. Capocollo(multiple spellings of this) is taken from the head and neck of a pig, and can be considered a type of salami. I love salami. This picture is of the shitty store bought pre-packaged type. The best can be found in real Italian deli's, and trust me that is where my next purchase will be made. Upon Matt Competello's return to LI, we are buying a pound of Capocollo and driving around Manhattan while we eat it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mail Day 2/17/09

Came home today to find no mail had yet arrived, this told me that the normal mail guy was off because he usually has the mail delivered before 3pm. I am also convinced my normal mailman is lazy and doesn't bring everything that is there to deliver. And what do you know, I got 2 lps the day he is off...

This is a Blank Stare lp and the Defeater lp. The Blank Stare lp I preordered MONTHS ago and I finally got it today, its cool because the preorder cover is numbered out of 100 and has pictures rubber cemented onto it. It also came with the normal cover. Blank Stare is a straightedge band...XXX. The Defeater lp is called travels, they just recently signed to B9. When they did they only had travels on cd on some other label. So B9 re-released the cd and put it out on LP also. B9 rules. That lp is tan out of 200, sweet.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

KYI Shirt Week Ends


Got this shirt at the last kill your idols shows in may 2007. Fun fact about these shirts, they were stored in the Corallo household in the week before the shows happened. Fits pretty great and you cant go wrong with the huge kyi skull on the front and NEW YORK HARDCORE on the back.


This is a ripoff of the negative approach record. so fucking cool. this shirt might fit me the best of all my kyi shirts. I have this in athletic grey also, but its a small and im retarded for buying small shirts.

Well, that was fun.... I have more KYI shirts, but most of them are smalls, i even have a small hoodie, what the fuck was i thinking 2+ years ago.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

insecurities will overcome me

KYI shirt week continues..

yet another ebay shirt. From the last US tour kyi did, with a sick flaming skull on the upper back. this shirt rules and fits perfect. kyi forever.

Help me recover from my thoughts

i was going to update with todays kyi shirt.
but blogger wont let me upload any pictures.
i guess ill do some of the homowork that im so far behind on.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KYI Shirt Week Sun-Wed


This KYI shirt i got off ebay a few months ago. Underneath the name it says "making depression fun again. I thought it fitting to wear because I was pretty depressed on Sunday. It's kind of short so I usually wear it as an undershirt.

This shirt I got off ebay too. It says No Gimmicks Needed under the name. It rules because that lp is one of my favorite records of all time, and I didnt know this shirt existed til I saw it on the bay. Fits pretty swell too.


Another ebay shirt. This baby has Kill Your Idols repeating on top of itself a bunch, then it's cut out on top of that. It says NYHC in red too! Really cool shirt, fits great.


This is my favorite KYI shirt ever. Plain and simple. Cover of No Gimmicks Needed, now that I think about it, might just be the greatest record ever... Another great thing about this shirt, IT'S NAVY BLUE! I love this shirt.

Thats all I've worn this week, right now im doubting I have enough kyi shirts to wear everyday for a week. damn, I'll see.

First post

New blog, don't really know what I'm going to use it for.
Maybe just a brain dump.

I guess I'll start with what came in the mail today

-5 Indecision patches
-Kill Your Idols patch
-2 tickets to see Propagandhi in Brooklyn
-Swamp Thing - In Shame tour lp

The patches i won in an ebay auction, which also included Avail, Dragbody and Leatherface patches. I'm giving Avail and Leatherface to Rob, since I have never heard them. The tickets came from Ticketraper..I mean ticketmaster. And the LP i got from one of the guys from Swamp Thing, Mike was nice enough to hold it for me on their tour and mail it to me because the tour didn't come through NY. I love good maildays. The Lp is just a plain white sleeve, with a wraparound tour cover(piece of paper) and its numbered out of 75, the labels on the Lp are blank w/ stamps. Pretty cool I say.

I guess another thing I can mention is this week I'm wearing a different Kill Your Idols shirt every day. Expect pics of said shirts soon. Now to brew some coffee and read for class...