Monday, February 18, 2013

Hollow Earth

So i developed a new system for adding records to this blog. Now when I get them I take the picture on my phone right from the blogger app, then I save the post for when I actually feel like writing it.  This saves me from having to keep records organized into records that need pictures taken of them for the blog, records that i have pictures of and just need to upload the picture from photobucket to blogger, and new records. Unfortunately this has led me to have a huge backlog of saved posts of just pictures of records.  

Hollow Earth's We are not Humanity came out like mid 2012 i think. I got it in the fall, spun it a bunch and thought it ruled. Totally that 90''s hardcore style that i love. I think the current singer for shai hulud sings for this band and this band is easily better than current shai hulud.  They were really making some people take notice right when the lp dropped, they even played NYC a few times(both i bitched out on), but since then I havent really heard anything from them.  Hopefully they tour again but who knows.  Regardless, this record is awesome. I grabbed this from Generation months after it came out and somehow they had the blood red version which is limited to 75. Sick

Naked Aggression

Yo so Naked Aggression is a punk band I used to listen to in highschool.  I thought they were fucking sick but haven't listened to them at all since highschool. Fast forward 8 years later and im in academy records and i stumble upon the Gut Wringing Machine lp.  I immediately get excited because of nostalgia and the fact that i had no idea it was on vinyl.  This was a no brainer for me and i purchased it instantly, not even worrying about whether or not i would even still like the band/record.  Well, I listened to it and the record has aged well and it is still a killer punk record. 


Chris hanna never looks happy in any picture he is in.  And i dont think that its like he's posing to be all hard and shit. I just think he is legitamately angry at everything.  Hence leading to very mad and very sarcastic lyrics, as such has been the theme of Propagandhi.  Failed states is their newest lp and while its not my favorite propagandhi lp yet, its fucking killer. Im an idiot and they played the city back in October and I bitched out and didnt go. Well, that made me miss out on Capital also playing(which i had no idea was happening) and John Joseph coming on stage and signing a Cro-Mags cover w/ Propagandhi. I must stop bitching out on shows.  


At first i fucking hated this band. Fucking Xibalba what the fuck kind of name is that? But then I heard the song "Cold" and that opinion changed. Holy shit that song is heavy as fuck as well as the rest of Hasta la Muerte.  This came out on Southern Lord records last year, black double lp limited to 1000(not that limited). The label did a great job with the packaging, the gate fold and the heavy duty lps.  I love how they included black dust sleeves, kept the dark theme of the record going throughtout.  Oh and did i mention that this record is heavy as fuck? Oh yea i did.  


Yo I love 90s hardcore. Culture fully embodies 90's hardcore. So i love culture.  They just recently played down in Miami for some minifest or something.  To Coincide with that show ghetto josh records put out this lp of demos and shit.  There's 2 different covers, this one which is the screenprinted smokestack cover and another with like starving children on it. Both are limited to 150 and this one is #80.


Die Young - The Message

I never really paid much attention to Die Young when they were active. I dont know why as they have all the things that i love: the 90s hardcore sound, straightedge and vegan.  After spinning this a bunch i have to say that its fucking awesome. So heavy and so angry and just makes you want to move. As best as i can understand, This is die young's last lp.  This has a ill screenprinted cover and on gold is limited to 100.  But whats really sick is the booklet. Its got stories from all the band members, a complete show listing and full pressing info! After checking out the show listing, I found out they only played my area once, no wonder i never got into them.


So I only recently got into Crowbar.  I have to say this might be the heaviest record ive ever heard. Devastating.  I was recently browsing the internet and stumbled upon a link to order this record.  Apparently it had never been pressed onto vinyl til now.  So of course being able to grab a copy was exciting and i went for. Out of 100 on Swamp Green

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rival schools

Im gonna flat out say it, I love everything Walter Schriefels creates.  The man cannot make bad music, end of story.  For whatever reason i didnt preorder rival shools "pedals" when it was coming out. This led me to not buying for a long ass time after it was released. I had even seen rival school post release and still didnt buy it. I think the fact that the damn thing cost like $30 is what stopped me. But on a recent trip to generation i was feeling ignorant about spending money so here it is. Rival Schools on 180 gram awesomeness.  Now i just need to get the United By Fate LP when im feeling ignorant enough to drop $60.  


Out of the Ashes of Renee Heartfelt came Memorial.  Equally awesome as the former. I missed the boat on both bands of course and I never get to see them play live now.  I ordered this LP along w/ the Basement Preorder from Run For cover.  Not as good as The Creative Process/Berlin but it is still really friggin good. 

Title fight

Im sure there are a ton of title fight posts on the blog sphere about this record.  I dont know what it is but this band literally blew the fuck up. I had ignored them for a long time after kingston came out. I dont know what it was but i kinda just wrote them off. Talking to my friend Keith at a Blue Scholars show a month back he explained to me that the band really matured and that i would probably like them now. I always trust his reccomendations so i downloaded Floral Green and yep, i like it. I Knew i was too late to get a copy on color vinyl, so i settled for the regular black press which i purchased from Generation. 
Pretty cool, this LP has a heavy dude sleeve that slides up to reveal a gatefold lp with lyrics printed on the inside. One of the more creative packagings i've seen.  
Fights at hardcore shows are inevitable, Everyone is already angry, just one thing can set it off, pun intended. One of the bigger fights ive seen was actually at a title fight show out east. This was before anything was out besides Kingston. Title Fight was on and it was a very small bar that did not allow any kind of crowd climbing.  Being the connection TF has with LI, everyone was going nuts and of course climbing.  I believe one of the security guards grabbed someone in dog pound by the neck and tried to pull him out the side door. This led to a ton of people fighting with the security guards.  Someone threw one of those plastic outdoor chairs at the guard and there were definlitly people crowd climbing to get to the fight.  Unfortnatley that ended the show and Cold World did not get to play. 

Nothing in Vain

So a few weeks ago I decided that my indecision collection is not complete without the MPB recordings with tom singing. This means i need the demo and all variations of Nothing in Vain. I set off to begin. I found a copy of nothing in vain on white/black/grey splatter on ebay and bought it.  The seller was from europe so i had to pay like 10 bucks in shipping. A week or two later I was in Academy records in brook and low and behold, there was a copy of the same record, for the same amount i had won it on ebay.  I subsequently bought that too, knowing full well I had one coming in the mail already.  I dont know what possessed me to buy a 2nd copy, ive spent a lot of money on records but this was clearly the most pointless purchase ive done. Regardless, Nothing in Vain rips.
Above: copy secured from Academy.
Below: copy secured from ebay.