Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Return....

6 long years since the last show in the parking lot.  Kill Your Idols means more to me than any other band out there.  I am the happiest person in the world to know that in 2 months I get to see this band again. So many good memories are attached to this band, many friendships built off the mutual love for KYI. I look forward to singing along to the words that mean so much to me and sharing that with the people I once shared it with. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

By a Thread

Well, here we have an under appreciated Revelation record. By a Thread's the last of the daydreams. This is on white vinyl limited to 226.  There are no other colors for this record, or presses. Just 226 on white. Pretty limited and im not sure why Rev did that but who cares. I saw this on the back wall at generation and asked the guy to pull it down for me. First he thought i said "minor threat" when i said "by a thread".  Then of course the lp was all the way in the back and up high behind the cd stacks so he had to get a ladder. No worries though he didnt fall. And i got this great emo lp.  

We need to rebuild a sense of community

I really suck at buying records sometimes. I had definitely seen verse and they had this at the merch table and like a moron I didnt buy it.  Of course this was before i really bought vinyl, but still. Anyway, years later now i have a First press of Rebuild on gold out of 823. Rivalry did a great job with this, particularly the vinyl, its not some flimsy garbage but nice and heavy. 

Another awesome thing is the lyric sheet, one side lyrics, the other side big ass tour poster. Of course since its got the lyrics on it i cant use it as a poster but still cool. 

Both your faces have green eyes

 Another record that took me too long to own. I never actually got to see Righteous Jams, but i've listened to them enough where I had no reason not to own this LP. At least now i own it. Second press on Gold vinyl out of 1000 on lockin out Records.  I usually like to own first press's but at this point i just didnt care what pressing it was, I just had to have it.

Here's the back cover on the left and one side of the insert on the right. Look how ripped Joey C was. When i saw the Invasion reunion at few years ago he was skinny and not ripped. Thats what moving to brooklyn and trying to become a model/hipster will do to you. I wonder if he could even do the 100 pushups that he talked about in that town of hardcore interview anymore. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

T & S

Ah Tegan and Sara!  Something different now and again is a good thing and T&S embodies that fully. Ive been into them for a while now and pretty much love all of their back catalog.  But i didnt find myself getting that exited for this LP's release. Maybe because the new single Closer annoys me. This record isnt bad by any means, But they are definitly going for more of a dancy/electronica/whatever feel.  Its a bit of a step in a different direction for T&S.  It still has the indie elements that they do so well, but its not what they were. I guess we cant expect everything to stay the same forever. 

Reason to believe

So my interest in this band came purely from reading about them on other blogs.  I was so excited to hear them and i found a 2nd press of the next door on ebay for ten bucks and grabbed it. After spinning it i found i wasnt really impressed but maybe its one of those records i need to listen to a bunch before i like it.  Weird this about this record is that someone wrote their social security number on the vinyl label(i covered part of it).   What in the world would possess someone to put that number on anything that they werent going to keep?  People are dumb.

Mob justice

Easily one of the most anticipated LP's of the year and Rival Mob's debut record on REVELATION mob justice!  From start to finish this album is awesome. I really didnt pay attention to the mob after Raw Life came out.  Hardcore for Hardcore kinda bored me but this record has brought me back around. Whatever colors this is i know its limited to 400 and apparently already goin on ebay for 40ish bucks. Guess i'm lucky to have grabbed it in the preorder.  Rev did a great job with this record.  The sleeve is just a little bit wider making it super easy to slide the record in and out of it.  Im not sure if other people get frustrated when you cant get the damn lp back in the sleeve but i do.  And that doesnt happen with this record.